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Business Licenses


Planning, Entitlement Review and Development

The City Planner is available for remote office hours, via phone or email, every Tuesday from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.  The City Planner can often be reached via email and cell phone Monday through Friday.

City Planner
Jeff Setterlund 

The Planning Department facilitates new development consistent with the Ione’s General Plan, Zoning Code, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and other State, Federal and local regulations pertaining to new development activity.

Planning Department services include:

  • Providing planning and zoning information to the general public and development community over the counter, by phone, mail and e-mail, as requested.
  • Accepting, processing, analyzing and evaluating both public and private planning applications for conformance with the City's General Plan, Zoning Code, Land Division Code, CEQA, and other State and local planning regulations.
  • Providing feedback to surrounding jurisdictions on planning applications involving land outside Ione’s jurisdiction that may impact our community.
  • Maintaining and updating the General Plan, Zoning Code, and other planning-related documents.
  • Co-administration with the Building and Engineering Departments of Title 16 (Land Division) and Title 18 (Environmental Protection).

Planning Documents

Application Materials

Please see the City’s Forms and Permits page for the planning forms, including the application for planning-related entitlements, the application submittal checklist, the creative sign program application, the sign permit application, and the tree removal application.

Please note that the City Planner is available to discuss any potential application and identify submittal requirements, including applicable fees, prior to your formal submittal of an application. Just call or email the City Planner and request a pre-application meeting.

Regulatory Documents

Police Department

Police Department

Ione Police Department Policy Manual

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police-patches-badgesThe Ione Police Department is a 24-hour municipal law enforcement agency that operates within the City limits of Ione, California.

The Ione Police Department is currently staffed by:

  • 1  Chief of Police
  • 2  Sergeants
  • 5  Full-Time Patrol Officers
  • 1  Part-Time Reserve Patrol Officers
  • 13  Volunteer Patrol Officers

The Ione Police Department contracts with the Amador County Sheriff's Department for dispatching services.

The mission statement of the Ione Police Department is to provide superior public safety services to the community while providing a safe environment for our community members to live, work, and play.

*Note-  Vehicle Releases are processed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Letter from the Chief of Police

Welcome to the Ione Police Department’s Webpage. On behalf of the members of the Ione Police Department, it is our hope this site will provide you with a greater understanding of the services the department provides to our community. 

The Ione Police Department values honesty; We will never betray our integrity, our character, or the public trust.  We will obey and support the letter and spirit of the law.  Our personal and professional behavior should be a model for all to follow. 

 The Ione Police Department values professionalism; We will maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of our community and the agency.  We will treat all individuals with dignity and respect, and ensure that our actions are dedicated to safeguard my community and the preservation of human life. 

 The Ione Police Department values the Community; We are dedicated to enhancing public safety and reducing crime.  We will work in partnerships with the Community, and do our best to help solve problems that affect the public. 

The Ione Police Department values duty; We will act with courage in the face of adversity, lead through exemplary conduct, appearance and demeanor, and continue to strive for excellence through continuing self-improvement, education, and training.  We will provide emergency response, patrol, and investigations services in a manner designed to protect the innocent, convict the guilty, and maximize the safety of our streets and neighborhoods.  We will always have the courage to hold ourselves and others accountable for our actions.


Jeff Arnold,
Chief of Police


General Plan

City of Ione General Plan

A General Plan is a blueprint which outlines the required elements needed to create a thriving, well-balanced and sustainable community. The Ione General Plan Update is a significant tool for preserving the historic foundation upon which the City was developed, while also creating a community future generations will want to call home.

The following key issues are addressed in the Ione General Plan:

  • Land Use — Ensures land is properly allocated for the purpose of urban revitalization, commercial facilities, agriculture and schools.
  • Circulation — Addresses commuting and travel-related issues for residents, including air and land transportation.
  • Housing — Addresses housing needs for all economic groups in the community.
  • Natural Resources — Addresses water conservation, management of soil conditions and maintenance of other natural resources.
  • Open Space and Recreation — Addresses effective ways to use open space and recreational facilities to meet community needs.
  • Community Character — Addresses preservation of the historical charm and unique character of the City.
  • Health and Safety — Ensures the City is equipped to maintain public safety and handle potential natural disasters.

General Plan Policy Documents

General Plan Environmental Impact Report

General Plan Environmental Impact Report - Updated 8/21/09
Final EIR (4.7MB)
Finding of Facts (331KB)
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (331KB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report
June 10, 2009, Notice of Availability
Full Document
Final DEIR (37.39MB)
Full DEIR + Appendices (37.39MB)
Cover (47KB)
Title Page (39KB)
Table of Contents (73KB)
Introduction (143KB)
Executive Summary (273KB)
Project Description (3.22MB)
Assumptions (164KB)
Land Use (1.30MB)
Hydrology (9.3MB)
Geology and Soils (1.85MB)
Visual Resources (194KB)
Public Services and Utilitie (661KB)
Agricultural Resource (1.09MB)
Population and Housing (234KB)
Traffic and Circulation (875KB)
Air Quality and Climate Change (473KB)
Noise (966KB)
Hazards (2.0MB)
Biological Resource (2.06MB)
Cultural Resources (292KB)
Cumulative (98KB)
Alternatives (1.04MB)
Long-Term (118KB)
Report Preparers (53KB)
Final NOA_Ione GPU DEIR (20KB)
Ione GP DEIR Appendices (3.35MB)

Fire Department

City of Ione Fire Department

For Emergencies Call: 911

Insurance Service Office Rating (I.S.O.)   CLASS #1 Fire Department  Insurance rating

interior banner fire department

Fire Station #1 209-274-4548
22 W Jackson St., Ione, CA 95640

Fire Station #2 209-274-6115
600 Preston Ave., Ione, CA 95640
Burn Day Information Call: 209-223-6246


Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Ione Fire Department is to preserve life and property, promote public safety, and foster economic growth through leadership, management, and actions, as an all-risk life safety response provider.


To be the service organization that residents and visitors value most. Build our future with honor and pride


The Ione Fire Department was formed in 1881 after a series of fires in the downtown business district that destroyed entire city blocks. The department consisted of hand pumps, hose carts and a bucket brigade.  The department became the City of Ione Fire Department in 1952 and has had an extremely proud and successful history of dedication and service to the community since 1881.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is an important function of the Ione Fire Department. The Fire Marshal is responsible for all fire prevention activities within the City of Ione. Every citizen can become involved in fire prevention and the results could save a home or a life. The Fire Prevention Bureau’s goal of safeguarding the community from fire and environmental hazards is achieved through programs adhering to fire regulations as dictated by the California Fire Code and the Ione Municipal Code.

Safeguarding the community from fire and environmental hazards includes:

  •        Checking plans for fire, life safety, and environmental requirements
  •        Issuing fire permits
  •        Conducting fire, life safety, and environmental inspections
  •        Conducting fire investigations
  •        Providing public education programs

Safety and Training

Providing professional services to the community is the primary objective, and assuring an all service fire department to the community, providing both emergency and non-emergency needs. Safety and training is the key to success. All personnel must pass a 60-hour basic training, and are required to continue training through the year to maintain state-required certificates. The department also holds weekly training for all members. Currently, the department is a combination department consisting of 10 fire officers, four paid engineers, 25 paid call volunteers, 12 support service personnel, and 12 youth fire cadets.

The department operates from two fire stations. Equipment includes seven fire engines one ladder truck, one water tender, one rescue unit, one hazardous materials unit, one support unit, and one command vehicle. Personnel are trained in firefighting, hazardous materials, emergency medical, vehicle, and special Technical Rescues.

Ione Firefighters Association

The Ione Firefighters Association was established to assist the City of Ione Fire Department with fundraising to purchase needed fire equipment and to support community fire awareness and prevention activities.


Fire Chief 
Ken A. Mackey 
209-274-4548 or 209-274-6115

Assistant Fire Chief 
David Parker

Fire Marshall 
Deborah Mackey

Fire Captains
Troy Gold Jr.
John Bennett
Mike Flores
Brian Diregolo
Matt Sammons
Nate Benner
Cody Gold

Support Service Supervisor 
Melanie Gold

Fire Apparatus Engineer 
Jim Bennett 
Steven Billingsley

Alicia Bennett


911 fire-department9-11 Ceremony: "Never Forget"

Every year the City of Ione Fire Department honors the fallen firefighters from 9-11 with a flag ceremony held at Ione Fire station #1. The public is invited to attend.  The ceremony starts at 8:30 and ends at 9:00 AM.


santa truck fire-departmentSanta Truck

Santa arrives on the City of Ione fire truck #6281 at the Ione Christmas Parade. The week following the parade Santa visits each neighborhood in Ione on the Santa Truck decorated in lights, playing Christmas music and the firefighter elves hand out candy canes spreading Christmas cheer and reminding everyone to have a safe Holiday season.

The City of Ione, California

The City of Ione is nestled in the beautiful oak covered foothills in the Gold Country. Residents and visitors to Ione enjoy the gentle climate, pastoral setting with oak trees and farmlands, and the family-oriented atmosphere of this medium-sized city.

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