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General Plan

City of Ione General Plan

A General Plan is a blueprint which outlines the required elements needed to create a thriving, well-balanced and sustainable community. The Ione General Plan Update is a significant tool for preserving the historic foundation upon which the City was developed, while also creating a community future generations will want to call home.

The following key issues are addressed in the Ione General Plan:

  • Land Use — Ensures land is properly allocated for the purpose of urban revitalization, commercial facilities, agriculture and schools.
  • Circulation — Addresses commuting and travel-related issues for residents, including air and land transportation.
  • Housing — Addresses housing needs for all economic groups in the community.
  • Natural Resources — Addresses water conservation, management of soil conditions and maintenance of other natural resources.
  • Open Space and Recreation — Addresses effective ways to use open space and recreational facilities to meet community needs.
  • Community Character — Addresses preservation of the historical charm and unique character of the City.
  • Health and Safety — Ensures the City is equipped to maintain public safety and handle potential natural disasters.

General Plan Policy Documents

General Plan Environmental Impact Report

General Plan Environmental Impact Report - Updated 8/21/09
Final EIR (4.7MB)
Finding of Facts (331KB)
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (331KB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report
June 10, 2009, Notice of Availability
Full Document
Final DEIR (37.39MB)
Full DEIR + Appendices (37.39MB)
Cover (47KB)
Title Page (39KB)
Table of Contents (73KB)
Introduction (143KB)
Executive Summary (273KB)
Project Description (3.22MB)
Assumptions (164KB)
Land Use (1.30MB)
Hydrology (9.3MB)
Geology and Soils (1.85MB)
Visual Resources (194KB)
Public Services and Utilitie (661KB)
Agricultural Resource (1.09MB)
Population and Housing (234KB)
Traffic and Circulation (875KB)
Air Quality and Climate Change (473KB)
Noise (966KB)
Hazards (2.0MB)
Biological Resource (2.06MB)
Cultural Resources (292KB)
Cumulative (98KB)
Alternatives (1.04MB)
Long-Term (118KB)
Report Preparers (53KB)
Final NOA_Ione GPU DEIR (20KB)
Ione GP DEIR Appendices (3.35MB)

The City of Ione, California

The City of Ione is nestled in the beautiful oak covered foothills in the Gold Country. Residents and visitors to Ione enjoy the gentle climate, pastoral setting with oak trees and farmlands, and the family-oriented atmosphere of this medium-sized city.

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