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Historic Landmarks

historic landmarks preston castle

Preston Castle

Location: Preston School of Industry, 900 Palm Dr., plaque located 0.9 miles N of site on State Hwy 104 (P.M. 4.3), 1 mi N of lone (MAP)
The “Castle”, built in 1890-1894, is the most significant example of Romanesque Revival architecture in the Mother Lode. It was built to house the Preston School of Industry, established by the State Legislature as a progressive action toward rehabilitating, rather than simply imprisoning, juvenile offenders.

Doors of the 120-room 'Castle' closed in 1960 after new facilities were completed. Preston Castle was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 7/30/1975. Registration Date: 1/11/1974.

historic landmarks breweryIone Brewery

Location: 338 Preston Ave. (MAP)
Built in the 1860‘s of Ione brick by brewers Raab and Huttner served as a brewery for over 30 years in 1907 C.C. Prouty moved his creamery to this site a soda works and ice plant were installed in 1910. Various businesses have occupied the premises since. Dedicated by CHIPSA Parlor No. 40 Native Daughters of the Golden West.


historic landmarks steam flour millSteam Flour Mill

Location: 217 W. Jackson St. (MAP)
Built in 1856 by Thomas Rickey Yearly grind 4000 tons, Barley-Oats-Corn. Dedicated May 3 1969 by Ione Parlor No. 33 CHIPSA Parlor No. 40 Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West.


historic landmarks old red brick buildingOld Red Brick Building Saloon

Location: 12 W. Main St. (MAP)
Old Red Brick Building later the Scully building dedicated to the spirits within. James W. Marshall Chapter No. 49 E Clampus Vitus April 24, 1974.



historic landmarks city hallIone City Hall

Location: 1 E. Main St. (MAP)
Originally built as the three story commercial hotel in 1864. Razed by fire and rebuilt as a one story building in 1930. Remodeled in 1966 by the City of Ione as its City Hall. Mayor David S. Mason, Councilmen: Jack Gasaway, Dale Herfel, Ted M. Campbell, Anthony W. Guidon M.D. Dedicated by Ione Parlor 33 and Grand Parlor Native Sons of the Golden West April 22, 1967.


historic landmarks iron ivanIron Ivan

Location: Behind City Hall, 1 E. Main St. (MAP)
Old No. 7 was the last steam locomotive to operate over the Amador Central Railroad between Amador and Martell. The twelve mile long railroad lies entirely within Amador County and is one of the shortest railroads in this Country. Iron Ivan is a fine example of one of the early steam locomotives produced by the Baldwin locomotive works. This engine was manufactured in January 1901 and was brought to the Amador Central Railroad from the McCloud river railroad in 1937. The last trip was made by this engine between Ione and Martell in 1956. Dedicated by The James W. Marshall Chapter No. 49 E Clampus Vitus May 1, 1965.

historic landmarks pioneer parkPioneer Park

Location: Behind City Hall, 1 E. Main St. (MAP)
Dedicated to the memory of the pioneer men and women of Ione. Monument erected by CHIPSA Parlor No. 40 Native Daughters of the Golden West July 21 1935.



historic landmarks ione parlorIone Parlor No. 33 N.S.G.W.

Location: 25 E. Main St. (MAP)
This building built in the year 1854,was originally a hardware store on the ground floor and a dance hall on the upper floor. Ione Parlor No.33, N.S.G.W. bought the building in the year 1884 and has continuously owned it there ever since. Dedicated by Grand Parlor Native Sons of the Golden West March 11, 1971 David S. Mason III, Grand President In memory of James D. Phelan, Senator.


historic landmarks daniel stewart storeDaniel Stewart Store

Location: 18 E Main St, lone (MAP)
This general merchandise store built by Daniel Stewart in 1856 was the first building erected in lone Valley from nearby Muletown brick. Once known as 'Bed-Bug' and 'Freeze Out,' Ione was an important supply center on the main road to the Mother Lode and Southern Mines. Registration Date: 11/21/1963.


historic landmarks china townIone’s Chinatown

Location: Main St. South side at the top of the hill before El Dorado St.
Looking North from the monument lies 5.22 acres which was originally deeded to Ky Kee, Hop Wah Chung, Quong On Long and Chang Hang Co. in 1883 Know as Chinatown, the community was comprised of stores, homes and a Joss house. At the peak of population approximately 1,000 chinese lived in this town and surrounding area. Dedicated May 3, 1970 by the CHPSA Parlor No. 40 Native Daughters of the Golden West.

historic landmarks elementary school bellIone Elementary School Bell

Location: 415 S. Ione St. (MAP)
Dedicated in memory of our Pioneer Mothers and Fathers. CHPSA parlor No.40 Native Daughters of the Golden West, Ione Parlor No.33 Native Sons of the Golden West October 8, 1955.


historic landmarks ione picnicIone Annual Picnic

Location: 600 S. Church St. (MAP)
In 1876 Ione’s annual picnic moved from Shakeley Hill to this location. The 100-acre park is part of an 1840 land grant and was leased to the City by the Howard Estate on May 11, 1967. The Park during its early years hosted many of the important horse events of the day. Today horse shows and horse racing are still a part of the celebration held the second weekend in May. Dedicated this March 10, 1979 by Grand President Charles E. Kohlbert, Native Sons of the Golden West, Ione Parlor 33.

historic landmarks ione methodist churchIone Methodist Church

Location: 150 W. Marlette St. (MAP)
The cornerstone was laid in 1862 and the church, constructed of locally fired brick, was completed in 1866. Dedicated as the Ione City Centenary Church and later popularly known as the Cathedral of the Mother Lode, this church was the first to serve the people in the area. Registration Date: 7/31/1953.


historic landmarks high schoolIone High School

Location: 450 S. Mills St. (MAP)
The first high school in Amador County was erected on this spot in 1903 by the Ione Academy, a private corporation. The original two story frame structure built at a cost of $2,287, housed the school until 1939. As a result of the steady growth in enrollment a major building program was begun. The original structure was remodeled into a one story building, Four other buildings three of brick veneer and one of stucco were added and the project was competed in 1941 when the wood frame shop building was finished. The last major building program was completed in the spring of 1975 when the new shop and the academic center is a replica of the remodeled original building which was destroyed by fire on November 26, 1972. Dedicated by Grand Parlor Native Sons of the Golden West Fred L Peixoto, Grand President March 8 1975 In memory of James D. Phelan United States Senator.

historic landmarks skully ranchScully Ranch

Location: 9805 Dave Brubeck Road (MAP)
Property settled by J.P. Martin in 1848. Home built Circa 1852. Purchased in 1882 by William Scully who arrived from Ireland in 1854. The Scully family has owned and operated the ranch for five generations. Present owners are Robert and Etta Scully. Placed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks November 1978. Dedicated by Ione Parlor No. 33Native Sons of the Golden West CHIPSA Parlor No. 40 Native Daughters of the Golden West September 8, 1979.

The City of Ione, California

The City of Ione is nestled in the beautiful oak covered foothills in the Gold Country. Residents and visitors to Ione enjoy the gentle climate, pastoral setting with oak trees and farmlands, and the family-oriented atmosphere of this medium-sized city.

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