Fire Department

Fire Station #2 exterior

Insurance Service Office Rating (I.S.O.)  - CLASS #1 Fire Department  Insurance rating

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Ione Fire Department is to preserve life and property, promote public safety, and foster economic growth through leadership, management, and actions, as an all-risk life safety response provider.


To be the service organization that residents and visitors value most. Build our future with honor and pride


The Ione Fire Department was formed in 1881 after a series of fires in the downtown business district that destroyed entire city blocks. The department consisted of hand pumps, hose carts and a bucket brigade.  The department became the City of Ione Fire Department in 1952 and has had an extremely proud and successful history of dedication and service to the community since 1881.


Fire Station #1 209-274-4548
22 W Jackson St., Ione, CA 95640

Fire Station #2 209-274-6115
600 Preston Ave., Ione, CA 95640
Burn Day Information Call: 209-223-6246