Building Permit & Submittal Process

As a result of these unusual times, the City of Ione has developed new building permit application procedures for the safety of both the City staff and the public at large. The building permit application for construction projects within the city limits of the City of Ione can be found on the city of Ione website The building permit application will indicate by the type of project, the amount due for the plan check deposit at the time of permit submittal. The application should be emailed to building [at]

After the building permit application has been emailed along with all pertinent documents, you will be contacted by the City for the permit deposit payment which can be made over the phone (209-274-2412 ext. 110) by credit card (preferred), or a mailed check along with a brief message identifying the name and address of the project.

Other construction related forms may be required for plan review depending on the nature and scope of the proposed project. We will be happy to provide a "Submittal Review" on all electronic applications and plan submittals to make sure all that is required for the proposed project is complete, and ready prior to submittal, thereby saving everyone time and energy.


Electronic plan submittals by email (preferred):

  1. Standard plan sizes as well as 8½ x 11½ or 11 x 17 are acceptable.
  2. All submittals MUST be in PDF format and UNLOCKED
  3. Transmit the application/plans/supporting documents as separate attachments
  4. Separate emails may be required if the permit application file sizes become larger than 15MB per email.
  5. Possible admin costs may be applied for scanning paper files
  6. When a complete permit application is received, you will be contacted by City staff for the plan check deposit, if applicable
  7. Plan check deposit may be paid by credit card over the phone (209) 274-2412 ext. 110
  8. The City will perform plan checks and correspondence will be emailed directly to applicant
  9. When approved, all pages of approved plans will be stamped with digital approval stamps
  10. Approved plans and docs will be saved to Building Department software
  11. Building department will email the permit, approved plans and inspection card to applicant in PDF format
  12. Applicant to print out emailed documents and have permit, approved plans and inspection card on the project site.

Paper plan submittals by ground mail (discouraged) will need to be verified and directly coordinated by the building department.

For the current inspection process, please refer the City of Ione's website to get the most updated information on the virtual inspection process.

When you are ready to begin construction on your project please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions or concerns; we will attempt to make the entire process as simple as possible.