City of Ione General Plan

A General Plan is a blueprint that outlines the required elements needed to create a thriving, well-balanced, and sustainable community. The Ione General Plan Update is a significant tool for preserving the historic foundation upon which the City was developed, while also creating a community future generations will want to call home.

The following key issues are addressed in the Ione General Plan:

  • Land Use — Ensures land is properly allocated for the purpose of urban revitalization, commercial facilities, agriculture and schools.
  • Circulation — Addresses commuting and travel-related issues for residents, including air and land transportation.
  • Housing — Addresses housing needs for all economic groups in the community.
  • Natural Resources — Addresses water conservation, management of soil conditions and maintenance of other natural resources.
  • Open Space and Recreation — Addresses effective ways to use open space and recreational facilities to meet community needs.
  • Community Character — Addresses preservation of the historical charm and unique character of the City.
  • Health and Safety — Ensures the City is equipped to maintain public safety and handle potential natural disasters.